New Rules Force Volleyball to Choose Fans

This year’s volleyball season officially kicks-off this Friday with many new changes and policies in place. 

“Games are limited to five spectators per player and parents can’t interact with their players before the game like usual,” Varsity Coach Brian Soistman said. “Our first scrimmages were weird, there were only coaches and players there.” 

With games only allowed limited attendance compared to previous seasons it’s hard for players and coaches alike to adjust.

“The stands will be at half capacity, that’s the biggest change,” varsity player Reagan Blank said. “It’s my first year on varsity so I was looking forward to having all my family and friends in the stands, that part will be different, not having them there.”

With the new policies things you would not have thought about are now regulated and controlled.

“It’s a headache, so many things going on with the new policies, travelling, practices, it’s all changed, we mask up for practices and games,” Soistman said. “It’s still fun though, the girls are doing everything right, It’s just a headache.”

It’s especially hard for coaches and players especially when it’s their last season like Soistman who is retiring this year.

“I know I’m going to miss volleyball, I just love the game, it’s so strategic and such a team game,” Soistman said. 

Even though things are different, the players are still happy to be able to play this season.

“I’m just glad to be able to play the sport that I love. Many athletes weren’t able to finish out their season last spring,” Blank said. “ I know this season will be different but I can’t wait to step on the court and represent Brazoswood this season.” 

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