Construction Creates Much Longer Walk Between Campuses

 Students travelling to and from the freshman campus have a much longer walk this year between classes due to having to walk around all of the construction of the new main campus building.

“I have to walk from the last hallway in E wing all the way to Freshmen Campus while wearing a mask that affects my breathing. It also interrupts my learning time because I’m always late,” Senior Breanna Moreno said. 

The long walk is not only time consuming, but also crowded which adds to the delay in getting to class.

“When I walk from Main Campus to Freshman Campus there are at least 50 students walking from campus to campus. There is A LOT of students and traffic,” Junior Marco Guajardo said.

While the longer walk is an inconvenience for now, many students understand this is just part of the process of building the new school.

“I do not think they personally made the walk this long on purpose, I think because construction is going on, It Is the fastest route to go with construction going on. I hope this walk does not stay this long,” Junior Laela Meeks said.

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