Bucs Earn Money While Staying Safe From COVID

With the sudden spread of Covid-19 spreading all across the country this pandemic has led to a near immediate adjustment to our lifestyles. Teenagers all over the country have had to adapt to the new curriculum changes, mask mandiates, and even quarantine. But there were still teenagers who were able to look past all the obstacles and manage to have a some-what normal summer. 

“During this summer I worked my first job at american Eagle and besides wearing a mask while working it was still pretty fun,” Madison Skripka said.

There was a good sum of teenagers working during the summer, and the comparison from working during a pandemic and before weren’t that far off. 

“At least working for american eagle there was nothing that really felt too stressful even during a pandemic,” Skripka said “I guess the only thing that really stood out waswere obviously the mask we had to wear.”

Even when it comes to being social and seeing friends during a stressful time. teens are still willing to adjust to this pandemic and do anything they can to try and enjoy the summer with their friends  

“Me personally I was still able to hang out with my friends and still be kinda social,” Hagen Bundick Said “Obviously I still quarantined for more than 4 weeks and social distanced before I saw any of them again but any time we had got the chance to see each other we tried our best to not miss the chance.”  

Summer time is the once year break teeagers get to have before entering a new year, and enjoying your summer break is essential for all teens in high school and this is especially the case for seniors who may not even see some of their closest friends again after high school, so this pandemic has really just shown what teens were willing to do to make sure their summer didn’t go to waste. 

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