Auditorium Gone; Cafeteria Moves In

This school year there have been many changes happening. Students now eat lunch in what once was the auditorium, but has now been converted into the new cafeteria.

“It’s definitely pretty different in the cafeteria, it’ll just take some getting used to. I really miss the old cafeteria, I really liked sitting outside,” Noah Alexander said.

The move has been a big change for most juniors and seniors, who are used to the old cafeteria and courtyard. They have spent all their highschool years eating and socializing in a familiar place, so it might be difficult to adjust.

“It’s weird, because after sitting in the same room for lunch for 2 years, it’s weird when that changes,” senior Macey Miller said.

Some questions are being raised about the events such as concerts and where they will be held instead. It’s going to be a challenge getting used to not having an auditorium.

“It’s weird how they leveled the floor and how you can’t even see the stage anymore,” Ashley Hutchins said.

From construction to COVID-19, there have been many adjustments having to be made. No one knows when this will end for sure, hopefully this year’s students will be able to adapt.

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