Band Marches On

Many things about this year have changed. From how we attend classes to how we participate in traditions. The band’s marching season is no exception.

“We weren’t able to have the normal amount of time like previous years. But the band is handling it really well. Our attention to detail and basics has become way better, I’m pretty sure it’s because we all wanna prevail through this year and overcome our current circumstances,” Viviana Arellano, junior, said.

Having less time is not the only thing that is different about the band season this year. They also have to take certain precautions to keep the students safe.

“We’ve made lots of changes to our procedures to keep our students safe, based on recommendations from medical professionals. I’m very proud of our band students who have been great about following the new procedures to ensure that we’re as safe as we can be,” Martin Montoya, band director, said.

One of those procedures the students need to follow is wearing a mask, even outside. While everyone seems to be complying with the mandate, it’s not exactly a popular requirement.

“Oh I absolutely hate it. The sweat builds up and it gets really gross, plus it’s way harder to breathe and talk. But if it means we get to have a season then I’m all for it,” Arellano said.

Not only will practices look different, but so will football games. Precautions have to be taken in the stands as well as on the parking lot.

“The biggest change will be the band sitting on the Visitor’s side at Hopper Field.  This allows us to spread out in the stands, so we can safely fit all of our students.  I think it’ll be fun for our home side to hear and watch us from that vantage point,” Montoya said.

Although this change seems like it could be an unpopular one, many people are actually excited to see the band from a different perspective.

“I like it. I’ve always been able to hear the other band better than the Buc band and I am really looking forward to seeing and hearing the band from across the field,” Josh Merkley, band parent, said.

The last change that is happening to the band is to their competition season. A usual competition season has hundreds of band students running around the same area all at once. But because of the pandemic, that would not be very safe, so most of the band’s competitions were cancelled.

“It’s definitely very disappointing. I feel that competitions are my favorite part of marching band. But we might still have some, so that’s something to look forward to,” Jeremiah Johnson, sophomore, said.

Even with all of these changes and challenges, the band marches on. 

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