Safe Haven Brings Light to Mental Health

Safe Haven club meets on Wednesdays to promote positivity and bring awareness to mental health

“This club provides a structured time for students to explore healthy conversations about social and emotional health,” sponsor of the club Sara Eddy said

Safe Haven meets every first and third Wednesday of the month, 3-4 in the main campus library. Mrs. Eddy said that anybody that has an interest in learning more about mental health should join. 

“Mental health awareness is very important to the growth and maturity of teens,” Mrs. Eddy said

Each month the clubs decides a mental health related topic to discuss. In the future they plan to possibly make care packages and do different types of drives. 

“Safe Haven promotes kindness, friendship and wellness, provides a safe judgment free relaxed space, and it restores hope and ends the stigma that comes with mental health,” Mrs. Eddy said. 

Many could benefit from joining this club, and you will have the opportunity to learn a lot of useful things. 

“It educates students and staff about suicide prevention, helps teach coping skills, and promotes emotional behavioral, relational, and academic potential of students,” Mrs. Eddy said.

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