Buc Band Proud of Lone Star Outcome

The Marching band placed second in the Lone Star preview 2019 marching contest, out of 18 competing bands, at the Woodforest Bank Stadium in Shenandoah. 

You can’t just go into the competitive season with just your looks and a little bit of talent. 

  ̈I think the students all have to be committed to the performance,” director of the band, Martin Montoya said.  

There are so many things that go into a show each year, each year having a new differentiating factor. 

  ¨I think the skills that our students are demonstrating has been a very big positive for us. We ́re playing a lot of notes and we ́re playing a lot of different styles of music, in addition to marching and addition to dancing and addition to some character things,” Montoya said.

The members of the band must be ready to step out of their comfort zone and perform the show in the best way. 

¨We ask them to do weird things or do some silly stuff, or dance, or things that they might not normally do, or be comfortable doing,” Montoya said. 

 Drum major, Simone Marshall, can handle stepping up to the podium and being a beneficial factor to the band, with the help of friends. 

¨I rely on Cealen and Isaac a lot to help me keep the tempo consistent, so I never really feel like i’m the one the band is relying on,” Marshall said. 

Marshall reacts with ease when facing a problem during a performance and knows she’s doing her part with the help of others. 

¨I always watch Cealens feet because everyone on the field can hear the drums, so if i’m off of the drums then that’s gonna be a disaster,” Marshall said. 

Marshall knows how to handle her drum major responsibilities, along with home and school responsibilities. 

¨Its just a juggling act, so you have to know what your priorities are, and what time you need to get everything done by,” Marshall said. 

After performing their 2019 show, Take a Bow, the band now holds the 2nd place title for Lone Star Preview, and hopes to do better in the upcoming years. 

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