Behavior Intervention Moves to Campuses

Behavior Specialists are responsible for helping kids succeed in school and helping people on campus through problems. Since being introduced to the district 5 years ago, the behavior team has become a vital part in schools, creating a support system for students and teachers on campuses.

“The Brazosport Independent School District Management Team provides a continuum of services for students who require tiered behavior interventions within their classrooms to benefit from educational programs,” Brazosport Behavior Specialist LeKay White said.

Specialists are on campus to help students be successful through school as well as aiding teachers in classroom management. White works at Brazosport High School and Freeport Intermediate as a member of the district behavior team.

“My job is to help support my campus with behavior management through the means of observation, programs, and restorative circles,” White said.

 Megahn Cooper works at Brazoswood High School mainly on freshman campus, she helps students through problems, while doing so she tries to make a safe environment for students to feel comfortable.

“As a young child, I didn’t have anyone reach out to me and make me feel comfortable, which made me want to do that for students now,” Cooper said. Behavior specialists aren’t a very well-known part of the district but they are a crucial part, working hard to create a developed support system for students and teachers.

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