HoCo Spirit Week Allows Creativity and Fun

To raise excitement for the homecoming week, students were asked to dress up each day according to the theme starting from September 31st to October 4th.
Starting off the week, the first theme was Marvel day where students were asked to represent their favorite Marvel character by wearing a simple t-shirt or dressing up as the character.
“I wore a shirt that had groot on it and he’s my favorite character,” Junior Abby Zuniga said.
Excitement began to build up after the students heard that there would be a theme involving memes where they were allowed to become their favorite memes for Tuesday.
“I dressed up as a VSCO girl and I saw a lot of people also dressed up as one and I thought it was funny,” Zuniga said. “I saw many interesting memes like Peppa Pig, Danielle Cohn, a Minecraft creeper, e-girls, and soft-girl.”
There were many interesting memes spotted that day as there were many people who participated.
“I dressed up as Danielle Cohn in that one TikTok and I thought it would be interesting if I dressed up as her,” Junior Makayla Rios said. “My favorite meme I saw was this one guy wearing a piece of notebook paper that said the word ‘disappointment’ on his shirt.”
As Meme Day ended, Western Wednesday began and students brought out their cowboy and cowgirl gear.
“I thought Western Wednesday was fun and I saw this one person who had the full get up, from the hat all the way to the boots,” Junior Isabelle Medina said.
The dress up days passed by and students were asked to wear their bonfire shirts for the annual bonfire tradition
“I was super excited for the bonfire this year because it’s a time where I get to hang out with my friends and be around people who also enjoy this school tradition,” Medina said.
Spirit week was coming to a close with the last day where students were asked to show school spirit by wearing any school shirt they owned to show support towards the football team during the Homecoming game.
“I enjoyed this year’s spirit week and wished more people would’ve dressed up but I’m looking forward to next year’s homecoming week,” Makayla Rios said.

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